Your Last Minute Easter Basket

I’m here to save you, IM HERE GUYS. If you’re like me, you are sometimes super on top of things (Teddy’s birthday present, which includes a weekend getaway, was planned and purchased months ago) and other times you almost miss things altogether (re: he has multiple Easter outfits but NO EASTER BASKET). So I’ve made it easy for you. Below are my picks for a killer Easter basket for babies through young kids. All you need is your laptop and an Amazon Prime account. You don’t even need to take off your house slippers and drive over to Target. Go get em tiger!

PSA – Remember that not EVERYTHING in an Easter Basket needs to be on-theme. I still remember the best gift I EVER GOT in an Easter basket. It was my first CD, Mariah Carey’s Music Box. I was maybe 9 years old and filled with euphoria when I saw it. So grab a few of these below, some candy or chocolate (which you can also easily buy on Amazon), and something special for older kids. Like for instance a Mariah Carey CD. They will love that. Treated me kinnnnnddddd…….. Sweet destinyyyyyyy…..

First Things First….THE BASKET

For The Baby

For The Toddler

For The Preschooler


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